In these to business cards they used repetiton byusing only two colors in the cards. They used contrast by using differnt fonts for each of the cards. They used alignment by lineing up the words and the picture together. Lastly, they used proxmity to have certain things a certain color.


I have went into a store before and looked at something and didnt buy it because it was chep or didnt look right. Somethings that are off brand are not good so i just buy the regular thing. Liike clothes some clothes can be the same thing but a differnt prive in each store, just because one is higher than the other doesnt mean you get the higher one.

A cd case is something you design to put your cd in. It normally have your band group name and your song list on the cd case. The cd case normally sold in stores.

I think a newsletter is going to give the news of whatever the topic is going to be. A newsletter is a periodically published document containg news and anncouments about a subject or theme.

A frisbee is an object that you can play with outside. You can put contact information on a frisbee for someone to contact you. A frisbee is a good thing to hand out for advertisement.

A bumper sticker is use to advertise your band. To stick on back of a car and show it off from where everybody can see it. It’s a great way to get your band out there.

This is for you to show off your logo. Give away a free t-shirt for people to come to your concert. A t-shirt is a great idea for your advertisement.

A flyer is something you put out or design for other people to see. A flyer has information about something you are promoting. A flyer can sometimes be original or it could have a lot of design going on with it. A flyer is to let people know about something you are trying to do.

A letterhead is a graphic at the top of a piece of paper. It’s usally your logo and your information on the top of the paper. The paper is use for people to write on it and send it to other people.

Business card are for people that’s trying to promote something. Like it explains all the information about the product or business that they are trying to do. It helps you get more people interests into your product.